Poll for Charity

Hi Guys

I have recently started doing a poll for big football matches. My intention is to get enough of us to vote on 3 main bets in a game. From this we will see what the overall opinion is for the match which may or may not help some of us decide what bet to place.

We will try it and see how we get on. These things are worth trying and I am happy to put in the time needed each day. Hopefully if we all pull together we will get used to voting rather than me pestering you all day asking you to RT and vote 🙂

To ensure our talents are not wasted I have also decided to select a bet from each poll. The most obvious choice from the 3 based on percentages will be the bet of the day. I will do it on a rolling accumulator basis and see where it gets us. All winnings will go to charity.

I will start the charity stake at £25.00 and hopefully a bookmaker will be adding the rest. I think at the end of each month or say 10 bets at a time we can conclude that run, donate the money and start again.

If at the end of each month there is no profit to donate I will personally donate £25.00 anyway.

This will certainly show us how clever we all are 😉

You thoughts will be appreciated.

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